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A new service – help with your case

Since the Equal Parenting Alliance was formed we have received a constant stream of requests for help with individual cases, which we have responded to as best we can from our limited resource.
This year, 3 of our main advisers decided to set up a more organised support service to respond to the demand, and in the last 10 weeks alone we have handled over 300 enquiries.
To access this service, click on Need help with your case?” at the top of this page.
The initial enquiry is free, after which we make …

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A new study provides compelling evidence that UK Family Courts are getting it wrong. Our courts, and CAFCASS in particular, favour one parent having primary care, believing this to be less disruptive to a child than shared care. This study set out to test that hypothesis, and found the opposite: “Those in joint physical custody report better psychosomatic health than children living mostly or only with one parent.”
Its enormous sample size (nearly 150,000) makes the results statistically very reliable. It concluded shared parenting was better than the UK’s preferred …

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Woman jailed for 6 years for plotting to have ex-husband killed.
Man receives life sentence for attempted rape, and served 17 years until his conviction was quashed.
These 2 articles appeared in the same edition of the Birmingham Mail on 13/12/13. There are a number of facets to each of the stories. The man always denied the offence, on grounds of mistaken identity, and the discovery of recent DNA evidence appears to support that defence. The woman had a string of extra-marital affairs, and she tried to hire a hit-man …

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“We live in a culture in which men aren’t allowed to be victims and women aren’t allowed to be anything other than nurturing. However, statistics indicate that female child abusers not only exist, but in numbers approaching those of males.”
She-wolves in sheeps’ clothing
By Elizabeth Willmott Harrop – posted Thursday, 2 September 2010
Female child abusers are the 21st century equivalent of lesbians in the Victorian age: not legislated against because they do not exist. The nature of woman being incapable of “deviancy”, as the bigoted Victorians said. Hence in New Zealand, …

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Irish Times:
“The father has no entitlements, but is usually expected to pay for everything. Even when the mother is responsible for the break-up, the father must subsidise the abduction of his children.”
Family ‘contact centres’ will normalise the wrongdoings of a heartless, misandrist family law system
I COULDN’T help noticing the enthusiastic media welcome for the announcement by Barry Andrews, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, of the possibility of a pilot scheme for “contact centres”. The Minister was responding to a study carried out for the Family Support Agency, calling …

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75% of child abusers were alienated from one of their parents.
This disturbing consequence of parental alienation has come to light in recent research by the Australian Institute of Criminology.
The Institute found that “Almost three in every four offenders had either no contact or minimal contact with at least one biological parent” (Australian Institute of Criminology Intrafamilial adolescent Sex Offenders: Psychological Profile and Treatment, Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, no. 375, June 2009. p.2).